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This morning I realized I have 2 weeks before heading to Fort Dix for a month. Need to add more running in, but I know myself and running along with lifting at the rate I am now will result in lifting taking priority unless i make myself tone it down for the next 2 weeks.

2 week plan:
1. 2 days of lifting per week, that's it, MP and DL one day, S and BP the other.
2. Limit accessories exercises to 1-2 per lift, probably a counter movement, i.e. MP day = pullups, BP day = rows...etc
3. Abs and Neck every lifting session
4. No conditioning on lifting days
5. Condensed version of Muscular Endurance program from 8 Weeks out, need to concentrate on pushups and this is a good time to test out the method
6. Run - mornings have finally cooled off here, so 3 times a week, alternating between intervals and longer runs. Need to condition my legs/feet again.
7. Conditioning after runs if energy allows - following Rob Shaul Afghan prep program guidelines
8. Mob WODS - every day

That's it for the next 2 weeks, 2 days lifting, 3 days running, maybe 1 day of rucking per week.

After those 2 weeks we'll see what it's like at Fort Dix and the workout situation, i.e. gym access, PT situation...etc
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