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Less "wandering nomad" and more "living in a box nomad" these days. But, I did string together several days of training. Did a 3 of 5, "get back into it", day: 3 of 5 on SQ, BP, DL, MP. Light weights and just moving. It was enough to tire me out.

Did some KB days. One was more movement+recovery oriented. One was more strength oriented. Movement+recovery looked like Maxercist rows and presses (e.g., b/o row on one leg, standing press on one leg), get ups, and windmills. Strength day was C+P with a single KB. Both days, I snuck in some field mobility work (walking knee raises, leg swings, lunges, lunges with reaching, 1-leg toe touching). C+P day had a circuit:

(2 C+P r, 2 C+P l, jog ~70y, 2 PU, jog ~70y; 3, 3, jog, 3, jog; 5, 5, jog 5, jog) X 3.

Kept track of time + average HR:

3:00/101 (rest)
2:58/118 (rest)

Took about 5 minutes walking and drinking water to get down to about 115. And man, it was getting hot already (hot days, here in the Northeast).
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