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Nicolas Warren
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Thu 02 Sep '10


Sat 04 Sep '10

Burpees; 3x60s, rest as needed between sets: 21,20,22

2hr rest

FS: 30x3,40x3x2,50x3x2,60x2x2,70x2x2,80x2x2,90x2
DB rows (Both hands)x5:10,15,20,20,25,25 (mixed in with the FSs)
Shrugs: 60x10,80x5,100x5,120x5,130x5
Superman Planks w/ 15kg: 60sx2
PUs: 10,10

Stretching, rolling. Hamstrings and calves felt worked at the end of the day. Nothing too sore.
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