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Originally Posted by Ben Moskowitz View Post
Yeah, a scaphoid fracture. Consider asking the doc for a bone stimulator or the like.
I actually did ask about possibly using a bone stimulator, he said it was too late for that be of any benefit at this point. What he did offer me though was a cortisone shot, which I happily declined. Needles and feet should not mix.

Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
We can talk more about this offline.

Low-level (cold) laser therapy and bone healing.

Comfrey, taken internally and/or applied as a poultice, would likely help.
Thanks Dr. G, I'll look into that. I've never been to anyone who does cold laser around here, but I'm sure I can find one with a little research. I've tried some ultrasound on it, but it REALLY hurt, which surprised me because I had ultrasound on my tibial fracture and that felt fine.
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