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Well, I was trying to kind of get a read on what it is I'm actually eating and then figure out ways to clean it up more. Does that count? I just want to get it to a certain baseline "clean" level more consistently before I start experimenting. Since I've been having trouble eating enough lately, that's kind of on hold a bit... but this is useful for me to figure out when I am most consistent and what my excuses are when I'm not.

Anyway, so I'm about to do a purification diet for a couple weeks to get ready for a ceremony. I don't do the whole vegetarian purification diet thing, no juice or whole grains for me...but I do abstain from red meat, anything processed (fried, sugary sweet, etc.) so basically eat clean...and it's Passover so I have to be even more strict than usual about the no grain thing, so when I went grocery shopping today I decided to get some raw milk. It's not ideal I guess but it's got a lot of calories and is high in fat and protein and it's liquid, so I have no excuses not to eat breakfast!

breakfast: nothing
lunch: chicken, broccoli, potatoes
snacks: half an avocado, an apple and a glass of raw milk
dinner: Passover seder food, which included one egg, some matzah with bitter herbs and charoset, some salad, a bowl of matzah ball soup, turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas and carrots, three or four chocolate-covered macaroons and probably about a glass and a half or two glasses of wine.

I've been trying to talk my Jewish friends into doing no grains for Passover instead of eating matzah, which kind of tastes like cardboard anyway. I was looking at desert ingredients out of curiosity and it looks like most of them have potato starch. Interesting.
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