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Default Another "Help me decipher my blood test results" thread

I had my blood tested yesterday and just got the results back today. There are a few things I am concerned about, but not ready to panic (unless someone here says I should). I've cleaned my diet up more than it has been in about a decade. I am leaner than I have been in about a decade and I feel pretty danged good overall.

Several years ago I was taking four 1200 mg fish oil caps a day, three 600 mg niacin daily, three 1200mg red yeast rice daily, two garlics and two multi vits. My weight was about 20 pounds more than now. At that time my basic blood numbers were:
total: 173

Now today I am only taking 12grams (10 capsules) of the fish oil daily and 2000 I.U of Vitamin D along with one glass of red wine. I've been on this for about four months with a pretty danged clean diet if I say so myself. I'm also doing IF most days. I eat about a dozen organic free range eggs weekly and not too much red meat as I don't have access to grass fed around here.

The resulsts of my blood test are as follows:

Tri- 106
Total- 225 (this is high)
HDL- 53
LDL-151 (this is high)
Total/HDL-C--4.2 (this is high)
LDL C/HDL-c--2.8
CL- 102
CO2- 27
Anion Gap-14
Blood urea nitrogen-16

WBC- 4.1 (this came in as LOW)
RBC- 5.68
Hematocrit- 48.6
MCV- 86
RDW-CV- 11.5
Platelet count- 215
MEAN PLT VOLUME- 6.9 (this came in as LOW)

Neutrophils- 42.1
Lymphocytes- 47.5 (This came in as HIGH)
Monocytes- 6.1
Eosinophils- 2.6
Basophils- 1.6
Absolute Granulocyte- 1.7 (This came in as LOW)
Absolute Lymphocytes- 2.0
Absolute Monocytes-0.3
Absolute Eosinophils- 0.11
Absolute Basophils- 0.1
BP is 120/78

I work out four to six days a week mostly bodyweight stuff with a little kettlebells. My workouts generally last between 45 and 65 minutes. I am working on the BTGB progressions with a few of my own things thrown in. My only "cardio" is the heavy breathing involved with the kb's and some of the leg exercises I do.

I'm 42, 71.5" and 188lbs. I'd like to drop another 18 pounds eventually.

Does anyone see anything that really stands out? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve things just based on the info here?

My doctor will get these results as well and he usually calls me in if he sees a problem. But I've never had so many parameters "out of line" before.

Thanks for any insight.
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