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Nicolas Warren
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Fri 10 Sep '10

PS: 20x5,30x3,40x3,50x3,55x2,60x2,65x1,70x1,72.5x1,75x 1x5 (last two were Snatches (below parallel) (need to work on bending my arms more on the end of the second pull; bar is looping out in front of me a bit)
PC+PJ: 70x2x2,80x2,85x1,90x1,95x1,100x1x2 (more full cleans on the 100kg) (need to not fall into the dip on the push jerks; try and lower myself more slowly)
FS: 92.5x2x3
PUs: 6,7, 3 w/ 10kg, 8
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