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Shrug. I mean I don't have any qualifications for evaluating this stuff but pretty much what Garrett said.

Low WBC counts aren't uncommon IF you workout. Working out strengthens your immune system so the tendency is for a lesser need of overall WBC.

Cholesterol is in pretty much every cell and has tons of functions so... it could be low vitamin D (probably not in your case), dysfunctional steroid hormones, thyroid, problems with bile or vitamin absorption, etc. etc.

Doesn't really mean much at all unless there's other things highly out of whack in which you can kind of start to get a feel for what's wrong or you're going to do specific tests.

I mean as Garrett said the one thing that most medical people overlook is... how are you feeling? If you're doing great then you're probably within normal parameters for your body. Especially ifyou are sleeping, eating, and exercising well.
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