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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
Are you paying a trainer only to come here and question his/her advice?
yes. this is a healthy thing to do. i am not that uneducated on the whole fitness thing, and do value the opinions of others.

one thing ive found about fitness training, is to always keep reading, ask questions, come to your own conclusions.

sorry, to add a bit more, ive been seeing this guy for awhile. just making sure im on the right track....

Ryan, that is a gold response. thanks very much. yeah ive got to back into the stretching. i started the power yoga awhile, then got sick, and stopped, and have not been back since. ive got to get back into it....

i do surf as much as i can, this winter for Sydney Australia however, surf wise, has been quite poor. i do sprints when i can, and swim....
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