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Default Routine Question

And Yes, yet another question of if the routine I thought up sitting on the couch would work! Please indulge!

How does this sound, 4x week, (M,T,Th,F)

Warmup and Skill work:
5-10 min Wall handstands
L-Sit Work


M,T,TH,F: PL progression: Steady State of Frog stands
M: XR Pushups
T: HSPU Progression
Th: XR Pushups
F: Weighted Dips


M,T,TH,F: FL/BL Progressions: Steady State of BtGB Progressions

M: XR Row
T: W. Pullups
Th: XR Row
F: Pullup progressions( L-Pulls, etc)

I guess what I'm trying to see if this jives with the routine construction article on, I am trying to combine what I've read in that article, Coach Sommer's book, and Jim Bathurst's article on integrating BW with weight training...Any tips, suggestions, criticism would be appreciated, especially if I am WAY off base and this routine just doesn't make any sense!

Thank you,

Tom Miller
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