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Default Seeking prog advice

I am a recovering CrossFitter, been clean now for about 14 days. I did main page for about a year but I wasn't getting the results I wanted. That, coupled with the idiots on the CrossFit message boards, I've had enough and have decided to try out my own programming. I was originally inspired by Gant's Hybrid stuff so I have mimicked a lot of it. I am not doing the 5-3-1 thing, I don't feel as though I am at a sticking point yet that I need to break through. I am keeping a log of my workouts and progress at Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this is my first attempt at this. The basic layout of it is Monday- back squat, bench press Tuesday-deadlift Wednesday-rest Thursday-Press Friday- Front squat and weighted pulls Saturday-optional Sunday-rest. I feel as though my lower body strength is way ahead of my upper body strength. My 1RM deadlift is 515#, while my shoulder press 1RM is 170. Anyway, like Gant's original model I am doing some gym skill work, then some oly lifts, than the ME. 3 times a week, usually M,T, and T I do a metcon. Questions I have right off the bat, what would you recommend for oly lifts. They are something I am not very familiar with as far as when and what to program, only having done them when they came up in a WOD. I am fortunate right now in that I am deployed and lucky enough to meet a dude in the gym that was a good teacher, helped me with some technique issues I had. Also, been programming 3x5 and 5x3, and then picking one lift per week to do a 7x1 with. Any thoughts on that? Rep/set scheme is kind of a mystery to me at this point. I hope this makes sense as I have been up for a while, but, thanks ahead of time.
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