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Yeah, it looks good, but at some point, you're probably going to have to get rid of some stuff or start focusing more. For example, you might need to do 2 days/week of HSPU or 2 days/week of Weighted Pullups/Chinups to progress on those exercises. They don't need to be the same exercise on both days, but they should be similar. For example, Back Squat and Front Squat, Weighted Pullup and Weighted Chinup, HSPU negatives and HSPU's through whatever ROM, 1-Arm Pullup or Chinup work and Weighted Pullup/Chinup, etc.

When you start doing this, you can eliminate other stuff or just do 1-2 sets once a week of them.

Edit: I just noticed that you are sort of doing this, but some day you will for sure have to do more HSPU work.
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