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she goes to a Bally's right now. i would like her to go the the school gym because it has a lot of OL platforms, but she just prefers the commercial gym atmosphere.

Originally Posted by Samuel Hughes View Post
A couple of thoughts:

-3 days means probably a deadlift day, squat day, and a press day
-for time's sake, pick a rep scheme, maybe more reps for girls, and superset each lift with another exercise that is somewhat taxing (i.e press and burpees).
-superset 2-3 solid accessory lifts, focusing on antagonistic points of interest, be they strength or aesthetic. Complexes work too. This ends up being very similar to a short metcon.
-Cardio after

Hope this helps.
her problem before was that she was doing every leg machine in the gym. i wanted to show her first that she can make improvements with little variety and cut down time as well by picking all encompasing motions. i figured it would be good to add supplemental exercises once an actual deficit has been found. in the meantime, i thought she should just develop a basis.

Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
teach her to squat. once that's under control, simple is best. density training,

Clean and Press/Squat. Max reps in 20 minutes, shooting for 50 total. If she feels like doing some chins or knee to elbow after each that's cool. perfect workout for an hour. She will get stronger and maybe bigger if she eats, fitter in a very real sense or anything that matters
i could see that sort of metcon for when i'm available to tell her to keep going. she's the kinda person who needs somebody to tell her to do it. otherwise, she'll probably have to stick with regular cardio when she's on her own.

i picked DL over squat b/c i thought it would be easier to teach and get moving along with. i'll see if she'd prefer the squat.

chins or KTE is a long shot from now. although she can do a full body pull well, her upper body pullng strength is surprisingly weak right now. body rows are pretty tough for her. i figured enough DL and she should eventually be able to hold a deadhang.
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