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I can't do a full range anything. Jumps and negatives haven't helped--I can get to a dead hang on the way down but just can't go up from it.

But I had Troy Anderson work me out the other day (been traveling) and he did some basic lat activation work with me and it's very obvious that my lats aren't turning on at all. We just ended up using a band to try to get them firing. So I'm going to have him write me a program for mobility warm-up/pre-hab with lat activation and some other stuff I'm working on (hip stuff) and incorporate that in. I'm not really sure the training cues will do much until I build up lat strength.

The reason I wanted to do bands is because then I could start from a dead hang as opposed to all the other variations--jumping pullups won't help me since I can already do them perfectly and they're not working the stuff I can't do at all.
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