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I'd personally change the DL and weighted pullups day. DL is rough after squats. Then again, you're pulling 515, so something is working for you. Might be a non-issue.

The 3x5/5x1/7x1 was a scheme to extend (and slow) linear progression on a mixed S&C template. I don't have enough info to recommend anything either way.

If you want to learn the OL, and you have someone to teach you, start light, learn form, and go from there. Otherwise, power cleans or power snatches every 60 to 90 seconds for 10-15 minutes is nice for practice and increases work capacity a good bit.

After bench, do 5x10 overhead barbell presses. Start LIGHT (less than 50% press 1RM). On press day, do 3x15 straight bar dips right after pressing. Your numbers will go up.
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