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Just to add something about Oly lifting, it seems alot of people are detracted by it because there is a huge misconception about the technique. Even that defranco link has a huge misconception that that was a hang clean, that was no where near a legit hang clean, that was like a hump up haha. Something I've learned about the lifts is that the simpler the lifts are taught, the more the efficient the lift. All the focus on "triple extension", "double knee bend", "pulls" and such just over complicate the concept and lifters spend more time looking at the areas that mean the least to the effectiveness of the lift. The bulgarian program hype makes it worst, and CrossFit hyper worsens it, especially with those terrible freeze pictures they put up. The snatch and clean are really just a vertical jump, with different hand spacing. and to get the bar in that position you just knee extend (1stpull) to give the bar path a few inches so it doesn't bang into your knee, then you jump. I should probably make a video on this
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