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Nicolas Warren
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Wed 15 Sep '10

Snatch Practice: HPS+PS @ 60 ~ 5 sets, HPS+PS @ 62.5 ~ 4 sets, PS @ 62.5, 2 sets. Focussing on elbow bend to minimise looping at end of 2nd pull.
PPs: 60x3,70x2,80x1,90x1 (more a PJ),95x1
PJs: 105x1 (PB), 110 (fail), 60x3x3
Arms and Abz (both hands for all): 15kg DB- 3xpress, 5xDBrow, 10xSBs, 5xPUs; 20kg DB- 3xpress, 5xDBrow, 10xSBs, 5xPUs; 25kg DB -5xDBrow, 10xSBs, 5xPUs; 30kg DB- 5xDBrow, 5xSBs, 5xPUs.

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