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Saturday PM:
1:45 mtn biking - decent pace, technique is improving quite a bit

Tuesday AM.
Another KB C+P day. Circuits of: C+P r, C+P l, jog, PU, jog. Added a (2,3,5) round and a (2,3) round. So, it looked like:
(2,3,5) x 4 + (2,3)

Times for the (2,3,5) rounds were all around 8:15 or so. The (2,3) round was around 5:00. Rest between rounds was 2:00. Rest after exercises was "one step up" breaths (2 reps -> 3 breaths; 3 ->5; 5->10). Took a few extra breaths between circuits rep progression (after the second "trot").

Total time was around 46:00. (**)

Tuesday PM:
??? mtn. biking - more rests, better pace b/t rests???, technique was ok
(possibly AM KB'ing took more out of me than I though)

Hopefully, I'll grab a barbell workout on Th or Fri.

(**) Geez. That turned into a longer slug fest. So, 46 min. for 40 PU, 80 C+P, 28 x ~65y = 1820y = ~1 mile. 8 min of explicit rest + breathing rest. Hummmmm.

Only the last round, last circuit of 5 was pushing into suck. I'd like to get up to rounds of (2,3,5,10) but the 10 pull ups will be a real problem. I could do them jumping; I could break them up (but 10 would still be tough after the 2,3,5); I could go to something like rounds of (2, 4, 8, 16) for C+P and (1,2,4,8) of PU. The 8 would still be tough. Maybe (2,4,8,12) and (1,2,4,6). Maybe try a few of them and report back.

A shorter, more intense version would be nice too. Picking up the running would do it quickly. But, I'd like more work on the P of C+P. Maybe C+2xP?
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