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Since you mention pain, several ideas are mentioned in this thread, albeit not in much detail. A search here or on the Crossfit boards will produce a lot of stuff. Steven Low answers a lot of questions.

After things are less painful, consider checking out David Horn's recommended grip program for beginners:

or in PDF format made by someone else:

Originally Posted by David Horn
I seem to be seeing a lot of newbies jumping into all sorts of feats of strength's, including bending before they have got any real base strength in the hands and wrists.

This is what I would advise to the pure beginner to start with, for a good few months before he/she decides on the path they want to choose. I think this will stop a lot of injuries that are happening due to imbalances between certain areas.
I had wrist pain so I started with just stretching and icing. Then a little bit of rice bucket. Then some serious rice bucket. And now the David Horn program.

I've been doing the beginner program for maybe a month. The first few workouts I rushed through the rest periods, resulting in forearm pumps. However, I found this to be inversely related to strength gains. Proper rest periods are a good idea. Consider supersetting with other "small" exercises (I've been doing rotator cuff stuff). I've also found fractional plates to be useful for incremental loading on everything besides the finger curls.
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