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Originally Posted by Paul Epstein View Post
im confused by the discrepancy here. you say that only 1.4g/kg/d is required but then excess above 2g/kg/d is simply used as excess calories...

what happens between 1.4 to 2 g/kg/d?
There is no discrepancy, protein in excess of requirements is oxidised to provide energy.

If for example a bodybuilder or strength/power athlete ate 1.6gPRO/kg/d when they only required 1.2g/kg/d then 0.4g/kg/d of protein would be broken down to provide energy.

I think what you're missing here though is that people such as elite endurance athletes, pregnant or lactating women, children/teenagers, the elderly, people with low energy intakes etc may require up to 2gPRO/kg/d which is far in excess of what any bodybuilder or strength/power athlete in regular training would need.
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