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Hard to give you a great critique without knowing where you are at currently, and also what your reps and sets are going to look like. But I have a few suggestions.

I know starting strength does squats twice a week, which is allright until you get stronger. Once you are pretty good at squats it gets harder on you and I feel like twice a week can be overkill with them unless one of your days you back off quite a bit on the weight.

Weighted dips is a decent substitute for bench press, but in my opinion its better if you work bench press in as well. I would rather do bench one day a week and weighted dips once a week than do squats twice a week.

I would also try to work handstand pushup progressions more than once a week unless you are really just a beginner. It becomes more of a skill than a really hard strength exercise so you can train it more often.
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