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A shorter, more intense version would be nice too. Picking up the running would do it quickly. But, I'd like more work on the P of C+P. Maybe C+2xP?
Well, figured out the shorter, more intense version. I did my C+P with as double C+P (two KBs, one heavier -- 24kg, one lighter -- 16kg). So, the rounds looked like 2xKB C+P (l. hvy), 2xKB C+P (r. hvy), jog, PullUp, jog. They felt like ... ugh.

I only got through two rounds of 2,3,5 and the second round of 5s wasn't complete. I missed my last r. hvy press and I had to rest to get my last pull up. I kept track of the times, but I'm now ashamed of them. In the second round, I also rested longer, while having a conversation with a guy who was intrigued by my workout.

So, what can I blame it on? I'm working on a cold, sleep has been crummy, I had my shake before hand (normally it's coffee only), and there was a blue moon. Also, I was/am dealing with a partially sliced off pad of my index finger (mtn. biking crash -- somewhat spectacular). Seriously, it's always interesting how much habit and sameness play into performance. Manipulate a few things and all of a sudden, it's like learning to walk again.

For the record, the times were about: 7:40, 2:00, 11:00.

Hopefully, we'll try this 2xKB workout again and see how it goes. Maybe, I'll try rounds of (2, 3, 2, 3) next time (i.e., split the 5 up a bit).
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