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Default Arte Suave

This log will simply track my Jiu Jitsu training and associated strength and conditioning.

Im a purple belt in BJJ under John Will and I run a full time martial arts and fitness academy in Canberra, Australia. I run 8 classes of Jiu Jitsu a week and teach a fair few privates as well.

Ive been a little directionless with my BJJ lately and while I have still been making improvements I feel that I could be doing a lot better with a little bit more focus. I have set myself grappling improvement plans in the past and got fantastic results from them but all of these were reasonably short term 3 months or less and this time I want to try something a bit different.

I have decided to work my way through the entirety of Andre Galvaos training plan as outlined in his book Drill to Win. This is a 12 month training regime with specific one and two person drills for you to do 5 days a week. Andre has you use the first month to get your nutrition in order but as Im pretty Paleo Im going to start the drills straight away. On days where I dont have a partner available and need to work a 2 person drill I will go back over the most recent solo drill or one that caused me difficulty and catch up on the 2 person drill during the next session.

When rolling in class Im going to follow the specific pattern of starting my first roll with someone by pushing forward for top position, my second roll with that same person by pulling guard and my third roll starting under side control.

Ill keep my usual S & C routine going of:

Monday Strength/Power
Wednesday Strength/Power & Conditioning
Thursday- Strength/Power
Saturday Strength/Power & Conditioning

I work through some basic periodisation which incorporates a hypertrophy cycle, a strength cycle and a power cycle. Every fourth week is a rest week where I do no S & C work at all but continue to work my Jiu Jitsu.

My basic numbers are:
Bodyweight: A reasonably lean 68kg.
Muscle Clean: 80kg
Front Squat: 100kg
Shoulder Press: 60kg
Weighted Pull Up: 47.5kg

Feedback and comments are more than welcome.
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