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Originally Posted by Jon Sikes View Post
Gant, these are some great posts on the subject. Really makes me want to try judo.

I'm a powerlifter (trying to be anyway) and it seems like judo would be pretty hard on the body.

How much would you say it affects lifting?

How often would you recommend someone getting in to judo train it? Couple times a week? More?
Try it. Good times.

It can be very hard on the body, which is why I suggest developing a personal style that isn't so "hard." I used all my power all the time, and I resisted everything my opponent did. It was a needless waste of energy and very hard on my body. I have a better style now, but competition is still difficult.

I don't try to get stronger during the season (obviously). I do a good job of maintaining what I have while improving my conditioning. When I finished the spring season this year, I took it easy at class for two months. My body healed, and my lifts went up substantially.

I can't quantify how much it affects lifting. In class, you're into muscular endurance and max power generation more than limit strength. There is also the matter of actually hitting the mat repeatedly. It depends how often you're going, how hard your club trains, and how hard you train.

Example: Yesterday I hit a new 3RM on squat (419#x3) at lunch, which was nice. That night, I randori'd (sparred) for twelve two-minute rounds (six with guys over 100kg, one with a 90kg player, four with guys under 81kg, and one with a girl). We have a good club, so all of these were difficult. I took about three hard falls, but it could have been worse. Then we fought on the ground for an hour, and I finished with two rounds of 2-on-1. Obviously there are better ways to recover, but it can be done.

In the beginning, one should go to class 2-3 times a week if one wants to improve.
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