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Default Broz on CNS and Overtraining

I didn't want to hijack the Pat Mendes/John Broz thread, and I didn't want to address his training methods as a whole, but more specifically I just wanted to focus on a Q&A from his website.

The "chemistry," or science if you will, makes sense to me, and I buy the explanation, but this is nothing like my experience, nor the experience of anyone I know.

Is this explanation of biochemistry even correct? Will you make the adaptations if pushed far enough for long enough?

Are only certain people able to make these adaptations? Are they short term adaptations? Do they only apply to athletes who are going through an off season/in season cycle? Is periodization the secret ingredient he's leaving out? In 16 weeks, I dug myself a hole. How can his athletes sustain this kind of training?

And I'm not trying to be a whistle blower or make accusations, but didn't the Bulgarian training programs in the East bloc succeed only because the athletes were making use of exogenous substances? I've heard Mendes and Broz in interviews say there is no steroid use, so it's just very difficult to believe that this kind of training could be successful.

I went through the "dark times" and never experienced the "adaptation" he has referred to. It almost makes me think of Charles Poliquin's Super Accumulation where you train like hell 2x a day for 2-3 weeks, and then take a full week off to allow your body to catch up, only Broz doesn't have the recovery times scheduled.

Any opinions?
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