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3 April 07

215 + 160
225 + 165
235 + 170
245 + 175
255 + 180 (Both previous PR's were EASY)
265 + 185 (Missed the CLN-extension but got under and saved it for a PR)
270 + 190 (Big PR's both)
275 + 195 (Huge PR's both - this CLN was probably the best of the bunch)
280 + 185 (280 still felt very solid/Miss CLN 200 so return to 185)

Ummm OK not sure where that came from but I've been back into the fasting for the past week+ and have been building my work capacity back up. I'm sure that had something to do with it.

These ME style lifting workouts seem to be my kind of thing. I am too aloof to be following a strict program, which is why I like CrossFit so much and so simply working with a focused goal seems to be working out. I also noticed that I can snatch 135 pretty much on command at this point. It's my new starting weight in my warm-ups, that pleases me. Considering when I started this on Jan 31st I was barely snatching 135 for a single, it had been my PR for quite some time...
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