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Originally Posted by Chad Cilli View Post

Then I found Gym Jones, and later Crossfit. And once I started doing Crossfit, I started getting into overtraining.

Now, reading Broz's post, it sounds to me like if you just keep pushing through the "dark times" your body will just adapt, and you'll have a positive adaptation to the stressors. Now, perhaps this adaptation happened to me during those years when I played hockey and was running all those senseless miles during college.

But, following Crossfit, suddenly that adaptation doesn't occur? Or further, when my training shifted towards a mix of Crossfit and long swims and runs, the favorable adaptation to training volume didn't occur. According to the neurobiologist in the article, my body should've just upregulated the necessary neurotransmitters.
The thing with CrossFit though, is that it isn't a specific event, specific motor pattern, specific forces or specific energy that your body can progressively adapt to like in hockey and running, which have all those specifics. It's just some guy posting interesting pattern of any combination of exercises with random reps and loads to make it hard and make the client think they're weak so they'll keep buying the product that's suppose to make them better. It's not GPP or work capacity, its not even close. Nor is it structured to allow your body to legitimately progress. Legitimate GPP and work capacity like in track and field is just high volume, low intensity strength training and running/sprinting to prepare the athlete for high intensity training that mimics competition. The CrossFit style doesn't allow the progressive adaptation so you're continually beaten down until the only thing you adapt to is sweating and pushing/pulling random things. So people get hurt or hate it or quit, or do more of it to get better at sweating and pushing/pulling more random things hahaha

Shoot me an email, and I'll give you an overview. I log everything.
Great! I'll send you a PM
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