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Default Troy P's Weightlifting Journal

About Me:

Age: 39

Training History: General Lifting 10 years, Power lifting 1 year, Oly lifting almost 2 years.


PL - Squat (405lbs), Bench (242lbs), DL (435lbs) @ 165lb class

@77kg : Snatch 93kg, Clean and Jerk 115kg, BS 175kg, FS 140kg
@85kg (actual bw was 80kg) : Snatch 95kg, Clean and Jerk 120kg, BS 185kg, FS 150kg

I'm a competitive master's weightlifter with about 19 months experience. I've done 7 meets so far with my first big meet looking like Master's Nationals next year (2011).

I spent almost 2 years down in Gilbert, AZ. training with Coach Charles Staley at his facility there and he's the one that got me into OL after I did all I was prepared to do with PL'ng. I learned a LOT from him during that time about training in general, but especially weightlifting.

Unfortunately, about 7 months ago I had to move away from Gilbert and Charles and am now training myself in a storage facility gym I built - it's actually pretty nice. Training has been ok, I did just set new PR's @ 77kg at a meet at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. I want to do better though (doesn't everyone?).

I'm going to be posting my training here because I have found this site to have the highest concentration of weightlifters and it'll hopefully inspire me to better things (and maybe the reverse will be true...)!
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