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Nicolas Warren
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Fri 24 Sep '10

HPS: 20x5x2,30x5,40x3,50x2x2,60x2,65x1 PS: 67.5,79,72.5,75,77.5 (press out with RH) S: 80,82.5 (PB), 85x, 85x, 75
HPC+PJ: 60x3,80x2,90,100
PC+PJ: 105 (PB), 110x
C: 120x, 120 (PB), 125x (epic faliure)
PJ technique: 50x3x5
PUs: 6,6
FPs w/ 20kg: 60sx2

Stretching (ITBs, Psoas, Hamstrings), foam rolling (especially ITBs).

Unloading week next week. Then 4-week cycle focussed on classic lifts.
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