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Default Organ meats--a primer

I'm starting to enter the world of organ meats. So far I've done liver (beef and pork), and I've been eyeing kidney and intestines at the local market. I'm a fan of the nutritional profile and the price.

However, I also remember vaguely hearing that some organ meats are fantastic for you if taken from a grass-fed source, but basically poison if you're buying it from the mass-produced supermarket cows. But that's my only source of meat for financial reasons (basically trying to spend <$2/lbs). Should be avoiding all organ meat, or just certain organs? Which organs?

If anyone has any favorite recipes for organs that would be great too. Any and all organs welcome, I've just been sauteeing up the liver bits (my oven's not working right now ) and have no idea what to do with anything else.
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