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I was an over-thinker. I sometimes still am. I try not to be. Over thinking causes me to have freak outs. and believe me, there are certain people in my life (including myself) who do not enjoy said freakouts. over thinking is too many steps above mental readiness. Mental readiness is GOOD. over thinking is NOT. with over thinking the mind weakens and allows doubt, negativity, and an interference of confidence to leak in. once over thinking has turned your mind into a whirlwind of such, the unwavering belief you once had starts to crumble. When negativity, doubt, and fear start to interfere with your confidence of making a lift, your performance wavers. This interferes with your focus and being "in the zone", and you are then not in the place, mentally, of pure confidence- you start to lose your focus. you limit your possibilities. you rarely touch your full potential. That being said, find a way to get the most out of your performances and yourself daily. prepare yourself mentally. find your confidence. Create positive images. control distraction. be ready. then you won't have to over think anymore (and if your anything like me, this also results in no more freak outs)
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