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Default Am I a Beginner?

Brief history: I've strength trained for football since my freshman year of HS (i'm 24 now), and about 10 months ago I was at my highest weight of 190lbs while on a fairly standard body building program. Through a series of events (diagnosed with major depression and in an intense program with the US Navy), I dropped to 160lbs in three months, and have been steady at my current weight of 170lbs for about 6 months. My question is this: since I've been focused primarily on conditioning, 5k-10k running, and leanness (word?) for 6 months, should I consider myself a beginner and start with a program like Starting Strength (just saw this on t-nation
Or due to my experience with weight lifting for football and general body building will I not be likely to experience the rapid weight/strength gains, and therefore should do a periodized plan like 5/3/1?
Goals are size and strength as fast as possible (i still remember what it felt like to be man sized ), with a keen eye on not overtraining due to the depression thing. Oh ya and I'm 5'11". Any help is appreciated!
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