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Geoffrey Thompson
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What Steven said, and also, it should sort of be the default to try linear progression first. It won't work for long (maybe only a few weeks) if you're not a "beginner", but it will help you find what level you're at and get you acclimated to real, dedicated strength training without "overtraining". I mean, if your squat is in the high 300s and you're squatting 3x per week, I don't think going back and trying "linear progression" is a great idea. It just won't work. If you're squatting once per week at that level, backing up a bit and using linear progression to "find your level" and get used to squatting 3x per week could be good - won't work long, but could be good. If you're not in the mid-to-high 300s, yeah, you should give linear progression a shot for however long it works for you, which may or may not be very long.

Yeah, that article was written for you. You're a beginner.
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