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Go with the advice you got here - regardless of your numbers. Try a linear program like Starting Strength and just see where it gets you. Start light and work up.

Once you start stalling out, re-set with the weights a little lower and try again.

After that stops working, look at something like 5/3/1.

Linear progression is so fast and easy you may as well try it - if your body doesn't respond like a beginner or doesn't for very long, at least you find that out quickly. If it does, you make the fastest progress. I say to ignore you own lift stats because it's hard to tell - my bench, squat, and deadlift aren't anywhere near what gets tossed around as results from Starting Strength, but I'm beyond getting much out of linear progress. On the other hand I have a client in his late thirties who finished his first deadlift workout after a long, long layoff with a nice set of 5 at more than my 1-rep max and just kept progressing linearly week after week for months. So why not go for a linear program and find out quickly where you are at?
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