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Default Wednesday 9-29-10

Felt like crap all day so I figured it was a good day to hit some good numbers. Had my best bud Phil Stevens roll through town and come to the gym with me which provided some inspiration too - haven't trained with him in 9 months.

Snatch: Power and Full

- worked up to 80kg for 3 x 1 each

Full Snatch:
- 85kg x 1. Felt good so...
- 90kg x 1. Still felt good so...
- 92kg x 1 (1 kg under my best at this body weight)

Clean and Jerk:

- worked up quickly to 100kg x 1
- 105kg x 1
- 110kg x 1 (felt good and strong)
- back down to 100kg x 2

Back Squat:
- worked up to 150kgx 1
- then back off to 120kg x 3

just reinforced the principal that you can't listen to how you feel - just gotta get in there and get it done.
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