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Originally Posted by Mahir Barbaro View Post
Last question though: in the article Mr. Rippetoe doesn't say anything about percentages or pounds to increase by, he just mentions adding a bunch of weight really fast. Is this just a guess and check until I find a weight I can't steadily improve on? Actually scratch that question, I should just go buy his book and find out for myself. Reading is knowledge. I'm just excited to get started on getting some size back! Thanks again for the help.
Read my third paragraph again and again. You should be adding 5 pounds a session to your squats. You may find that you can only squat twice a week also.

SLow's numbers aren't gospel, but they are a range that most of the population will fall into regarding finishing your novice period. At any rate, you're not there yet. That should make you happy, as novice gains are the best.
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