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i'm running a half marathon next week and have made excellent progress with 1-2 faster, shorter runs per week and one longer run mixed with weight training, judo, and some faster paced stuff and I've made great progress. Clearly if your goal is to run the best race possible and have a great time, relatively speaking, then you'll have to tailor your training down to be as run-specific as possible. However, I've made sub-2-hour half my goal at over 200 lbs while balancing plenty of other stuff and have had what I suspect is good success (we'll see come race day). Basically, it's largely dependent on your goals, time available, etc.

My guess would be that you'd obviously have to replace some of the Hybrid work with running, but in general you can do a balanced program that includes strength and metcon and still have success in the half.

Note: A full marathon may be a different story.
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