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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post

I think I saw something by Joel Jamieson on his site noting that even in fighters, who have a serious anaerobic requirement, they need to do more longer distance, lower intensity work. Boxers have done this for ages. Sprint/speed work is important, but low intensity work is the goods for any sport requiring a sustained effort.

If a fighter needs that kind of base to build on, why wouldn't an endurance athlete?

/soap box.
Thanks Derek, that makes sense to me. I didn't know if you had a specific issue with CFE or just the programming as a whole. I know from my experience, the interval work improved my short distance runs, but I've never trained for a marathon. I can appreciate the boxing comparison though, I boxed for a few years (or perhaps I should say I boxed poorly for a few years), and it's amazing how much energy you expend in a 2 (or 3 for higher levels) minute round.

It seems like the general consensus here is that CF is bogus and only makes you better at CF. More of a training tool than a training program.
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