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Originally Posted by Chad Cilli View Post
Thanks Derek, that makes sense to me. I didn't know if you had a specific issue with CFE or just the programming as a whole. I know from my experience, the interval work improved my short distance runs, but I've never trained for a marathon. I can appreciate the boxing comparison though, I boxed for a few years (or perhaps I should say I boxed poorly for a few years), and it's amazing how much energy you expend in a 2 (or 3 for higher levels) minute round.

It seems like the general consensus here is that CF is bogus and only makes you better at CF. More of a training tool than a training program.
I'll make this my last post on this since we went off when Greg and Robb were excommunicated, and there's a whole thread on this at another forum approaching 1 million views.

CF only makes you good at mediocrity. Nothing elite about it. CFE, CF Football, doesn't matter if you ask me. The only current affiliate I would think about would be San Francisco Crossfit. It took a long time for me to see the light, but now that I have...

Originally Posted by David Klotz View Post
One further question if I may..what are some books that are considered must "reads" in regards to lifting?

I have Starting Strength, reading Pavel's kettlebell book currently. I hear alot of talk of a book called "Supertraining".

I don't know if this is too general of a question ---but what should I be reading?
Originally Posted by Chad Cilli View Post
Greg Everett's Olympic Weightlifting is awesome. I reference and check it regularly. It's very good for addressing errors and correcting them.

Practical Programming is a good supplement to Starting Strength.

The Wendler 531 ebook is good if you're interested in trying that program. There's enough free "calculator" spreadsheets out there though that you don't necessarily need the manual.
Just read the 5/3/1 interview on T Nation and look up the various calculators out there, like Chad said. Don't bother with Supertraining unless you like being bored. I went through it a little at my library. Boring.

If you want to learn about strength training and don't care about the Olympic Lifts, I would just go through Eric Cressey archives, Mike Robertson archives (both are good injury prevention/corrective guys), everything Dave Tate wrote for T Nation, and then Practical Programming. Do google searches for Glenn Pendlay's various forum posts. He's been on Lyle's board and Thibaudeau has/had a Q&A thread for him recently.

Look up Joe Defranco's Westside for Skinny Bastards Parts 1, 2, 3 for more perspective.

I hear the RTS manual is fully legit as well.

Don't forget to read everything Dan John wrote for T Nation, and elsewhere.

If you get the RTS manual and Practical Programming you're about $60 invested, but all that information I mentioned would keep you busy for weeks.

Or you could just get Practical Programming and call it a day until it's necessary to read further.
And if you don't think kettleball squat cleans are difficult, I say, step up to the med-ball
- CJ Kim
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