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30 Sept Thursday PM

BJJ Fundamentals: I Planned on easing back into it. I went about half on the warmup and then was uke for Fabio. There was an even amount of guys so I decided to help anyone that was struggling. Fabio asked me to work with a guy who was in his second class. I did after takedowns. He was out of breath and kept saying I don't feel so good. I had him get some water and sit on the sides for 5 minutes. He came back did 2 more reps of the move we working and said I got to sit down again.

I kept an eye on him and worked with a couple of guys that were next to me. I looked over and he was sitting against the wall and his eyes rolled back in his head and his body shot out stiff as a board in a grand mal siezure. Dude was suspended with his head on the wall and feet on the floor at a 30 degree angle with nothing else touching.

I ran over and grabbed him and yelled for help to get him on his side. As soon as that was done I yelled for the front desk to call 911. Some of Dave's brethren at OFD were there within 7 minutes. Very professional people and did a great job getting him off to the hospital. All in under 25 minutes start to finish.

The guy had no ID in his bag and put his own cell number as the emergency contact number. That doesn't make a lot of sense. I hope he is good.

So needless to say that was the end of class and I wasn't staying for No-Gi so I packed up and went home.
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