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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
I'll make this my last post on this since we went off when Greg and Robb were excommunicated, and there's a whole thread on this at another forum approaching 1 million views.

CF only makes you good at mediocrity. Nothing elite about it. CFE, CF Football, doesn't matter if you ask me. The only current affiliate I would think about would be San Francisco Crossfit. It took a long time for me to see the light, but now that I have...
Yeah, I read that thread when the black box summit happened. I took it with a grain of salt figuring that everyone was really just mad at @F HQ and wanted to show their support for Greg and Robb who were clearly in the right.

I think as far as any sport goes, no one gets elite by crosstraining. So, it makes sense to say if you want to be marathon runner then run or if you want to be a downhill skier then ski.

The only hang up for me is that I know many SEALs, Rangers, Marines, and Special Forces operators swear by "Crossfit style" training. For example, Fatal Fitness has been touting extremely long and grueling metcons as a way to prepare for everything from long ruck marches and runs to kicking in doors and sprinting. Then again, the military is always slow to change, so I guess it only figures that they'd start to adopt CF at the same time people are recognizing its failure to produce "elite" fitness.
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