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I live on the east coast USA (one of the worst places in the world for surf that borders a major body of water). And I am in the water constantly. So I know you can find some surf. This has done wayyyy more for improving my surfing than anything else I have tried.

Unfortunately between all the time I spend in the water and all the mobility, foam roll, stretching I do to stay healthy, I do not have much time to lift. Right now all I do is deadlift 2-3x a week 3x5 with 3-5 warmup sets.

It's also really hard for me to get in enough calories while eating paleo to sustain all of that activity

With surfing its good to be lean but its also good to be strong/explosive. Which is why I choose to lift as opposed to doing any sort of conditioning whatsoever. I get my endurance/conditioning in the water. And just try to get stronger with any spare time I have after that.

I could be completely wrong I'm far from an expert, I just find it fun to read about fitness and health.


One thing I had a question about for anyone on here, super long periods of exercise. When the surf gets good I stay in the water till I am absolutely exhausted, then stay in for another hour. It's really really difficult for me to get out of the water... too much fun.... I'm sure this isn't good for my body.

So I should probably get out and stretch and eat.... But I have to get it in when I can before work and all that...

What am I doing to my body? Best way to get lots of time in the water/limit damage?
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