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Darryl, thanks for your input. Actually, I'm going to be doing just as you suggested. I don't buy fatty red meat....I'm a big fish guy and I will be eating a lot of salmon, which is rather fatty depending on which kind you buy. I have a friend who recently returned from a fishing trip to Alaska. They caught over 1,000 lbs. of Salmon and Halibut and brought it home! I have pink salmon, king salmon, and halibut....really good stuff, not the cheap "farmed in Chile" kind you find at the grocery store.
I'm with you on the saturated fat thing. I have read many of your posts all over these boards and I admire your style. You post a lot of information from published scientific studies that are relevent to each thread topic. I know there have been studies that show that saturated fat may not be so bad after all....yet somehow, people go overboard and start suggesting that saturated fat is all you should consume and all other fats are poison or a waste of time! For example, some say don't eat nuts because they contain deadly n-6 PUFA and will throw off the all important n-6/n-3 ratio. However, what they fail to realize is that the oil, as it naturally occurs in the nuts, is not the same as the canola, corn, and peanut oil you buy off the shelf at the grocery store! True, those oils are very bad for your health; they are extracted with harsh solvents, deodorized, bleached, and bottled...and already rancid before you even open the bottle. Even so-called healthy oils like walnut oil, almond oil, etc. that are processed and bottled in a healthy way are bad news because they are so delicate and go rancind so quickly when exposed to air and light. However, when you eat the nuts themselves, right out of the shell, they are very healthy. The nut shell and the meat of the nut itself protects it from rancidity. All of these studies showing ill effects from skewing the n-6/n-3 ratio are done using extacted and denatured oils, NOT by feeding nuts and seeds as they naturally occur! And most of the so-called deadly PUFA in the modern Western diet come from these nasty oils and hydrogenated vegetable fats. I used to work at a bakery and made cake frosting daily. It consisted of a 50 lb. bag of powdered sugar, flavoring, and a 50lb. block of hydrogenated soybean shortening...on the box it said "All natural, no cholesterol"....what a joke! It was a big gob of poison!
What do you think about Coconut. I know it is the most saturated of all fats yet this is its natural wasn't genetically altered or manufactured to be that way. This tells me that it must be a healthy thing....unlike industrial meat with marbled fat that is the result of human intervention. You see all the studies showing people from island nations who are free of heart disease that consume coconut on a daily basis. Yet, I still worry about eating them. Could it be that these people do well on Coconut because they and their ancestors have been eating these things for thousands of years. However, people like me, of Northern European ancestry would have never seen or been exposed to a Coconut. Does this mean I may not respond well to them and they would be potentially detrimental to my health?
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