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Default Saturday 10-2-10

Day 5 in a row and still feeling pretty good. Did a morning session so that means about 9 hours less recovery time. I did an extended warmup and mobility PRE-session today to get things loose and it payed off.

- worked up to 80kg for 2 x 1 (very solid positions)
- 85kg x 1 (felt even better)
- 90kg x 1 ( best rep yet - but still hard)
- back down to 80kg for 2 x 2

Clean and Jerk:
- worked up to 100kg x 1. (feeling worn out by now)
- 105kg x 1 (tough but solid)
- down to 95 x 2

Back Squat:
- worked up to 130kg x 3

put a fork in me. Light squat and pull session tomorrow.
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