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Hey Chad, thanks for the imput. To answer your question "How long was I high-carb"....well over 25 years I would say. And as I stated, I ate very little fat of any kind and pratically not meat (instead I went with lots of whey, milk, and egg protein powders). I had no trouble getting really strong and ripped eating this way back in the day. Now that I'm older, its just way too much carbs when I sit at a desk all day before I work out. Each time I attempted low carb I you said, sucky workouts, slow-thinking and all that. I too tried to "stick it out"....Eventually, I felt a little better but workouts still sucked.

You said you got help from Rob Wolf. I recently bought his book and read it cover to cover twice. When you went "full-paleo", did you incorporate significant carbs from non-grain sources, or did to take the low/no carb route? I have all the foods I need to go either way. I've never tried a Paleo type diet that wasn't low-carb because I was always paranoid about consuming the fat percentages they suggest when I'm eating carbs. For me it was one way or the other....lots of carbs and absolutely no fat or lots of fat and absolutely minimal carbs. Anyway, I anxiously await your reply since you come from a similar high-carb background. I'm not Italian but I have friends who are...taking away their pasta, bread, and canolli is like asking them to stop breathing
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