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Nicolas Warren
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Sun 03 Oct '10

Power Snatches: 40x2x2,50x2x2,55x2,60,65,65,70x,70,60x3,60x2,50x5x 2,55x3x3 (there's a whole (mata)narrative to the snatches... suffice to say, singles weren't pretty after the break, so worked on volume)
PC&J: 50x3,60x3,70x3,80x3,85x2,70x2 (stiffened up in the jerk as the weight got heavy... still working on a consistent footwork... everything felt pretty heavy today)
FS: 100x2,105x2,110x2
PUs: 6,6
FPs: w/15 and 25.

Stretching. Rolling.
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