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Just wondering if anybody on here's done Joel's Bioforce beta testing yet? I just got my results this morning and everything was between 2.5 and 4. Since I'm being compared to guys and train recreationally, I decided I'd be happy with amateur/average scores (4-6). I got 4's in strength and explosive power and lower scores (3 + 3.5) in aerobic and anaerobic fitness, which makes sense to me since I haven't been training (just worked on powerlifting for the past 16 weeks) and know that's an area for improvement. But I was really surprised by my low muscular endurance score (2.5). My boyfriend got his results too with everything between 4.5 and 7 (go him!) with very high aerobic fitness, decent explosive power and 5's for strength and and anerobic fitness (again, makes sense since he's done 16 weeks of powerlifting with me, plus he's a long-time runner). But we were really surprised by his muscular endurance score (4.5) since he did 72 max pushups and 15 max pullups.

Anyway curious about other people's scores/reactions/etc.
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