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Returning back to training after some nasty life stuff got in the way, I have done very little in the last 5 months so starting back as a new trainee,
Hopefully keeping this log might keep me accountable.

The plan is 2 days basic lifting, 1 day of intervall training, one metcon and a day of this and that,

This weeks training so far,

Sat 3rd october - CF Leeds

Split snatch - 55 kg PB
clean and jerk 77 kg PB

10 mins amrap
6 cleans 55kg
12 pull ups
48 rope turns

4 rounds 3 cleans

Sunday 4th October

Lifting day work out a
squat 60kg
bench 70
deadlift 70 kg -

starting so light to keep my back flat and learn to use my legs not just use all upper body strength.

dips 3 sets max rest 1 min 11 10 11
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