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Default Breathing Ladders

Had a few questions about Mark Twight's breathing ladders, wanted to get some input.

Anyone have any particular favorite exercises? I've seen everything from Thrusters and deadlifts to kb swings/snatches. Anyone tried it with the Olympic lifts?

Seems like 1-10 in waves or 1-10-1 pyramid style are popular rep schemes. Anyone experimented with anything else? I would imagine that it would depend on the lift to some degree, but one would assume that higher rep ladders would allow for longer sessions than say 1-5-1 ladders.

As a complete aside, this stuff reminds me of some of the things I've heard/read about Emil Zatopek (Father of Interval Training; 5,000 & 10,000 world/Olympic records, decided to run his first ever marathon at the last minute in the 1952 games--and won). Apparently he used to run multiple 200 m sprints while holding his breath, so his body could become more effecient in oxygen debt.

Anyway, just soliciting some opinions, wanted to hear some other folk's experiences. Thanks-

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