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Originally Posted by Brook Ferguson View Post

Re: Yoga, yeah I find it soaks up a hell of a lot of time. Im all ears for a better solution though. The fact that you find the foam roller better for stretching is interesting. Can you point me in a direction where I can get some more info here.

I started out foam rolling using Feel Better for 10 bucks off of T-nation.

Then I did the foam rolling out of max strength by Cressey.

Now I have Mike Robertsons soft tissue E-manual and do the max strength + anything that feels like it needs it. I do a static stretch on the muscle immediately after rolling it.

I think the DVD Inside-Out by Hartman/Robertson is amazing for surfing, much more time efficient than yoga, I do it before I leave the house then do a couple more right before I paddle out.

However that neglects the lower-body. Magnificient Mobility or Asesss and correct is complete body.

I do Assess and Correct as general maintenance.

I just realized my entire mobility/prehab routine is based around Cressey/Robertson/Hartman. Not sure if thats good or bad. Need to try out some new people!
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